Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Liliana's Birthday

A few months ago, while we were in California, we got a chance to celebrate Liliana's 2nd birthday.  Click on this pic or HERE to jump to the rest of the pictures.

Liliana's Birthday Party

Of Children Past

My wife had sent me some pics that she liked from our trip to Ecuador (2006/2007).  How did I miss these?  These pics where when we were hanging with the Cousins. 

Game Time

We were there for Maria-Daniella's birthday party..... which of course the kids love any excuse to eat large amounts of sugar coated goodness.

Birthday Party

 Part of the time there we went to "Las Penas".  The whole little area is a climb up the side of this giant mountain (ok maybe it wasn't a mountain).  There are tons of stairs up ward and upward. 


Along the way all the buildings and shops have been painted various colors.  A very colonial type of theme flavored with Pirate/War memorabilia.  Paola told me if I did not behave myself that she would shot me with this Canon... I think that she was kidding...  

The boys

 This was still close to the time they had the "Viejo's"  Here is one from the movie Ice Age.  The kids of course looked at this long climb up the stairs as an adventure... and challenge.... (I saw it as a chance to see how out of shape I was...)


At least during the long hike up there, near the middle, there was a fountain and some vendors selling some cold frosty drinks. 

Shop Shop

I enjoyed the cool drink... while my wife enjoyed the shopping.... The kids on the other hand just enjoyed running circles around us on the way up to the top.

Climb Climb Climb

Although in this picture it looks like the girls are trying to fight for freedom!!  But before you knew it we hit hit the Pirate Museum!

Pirates of Ecuador

 Near the top is where they had the big guns.... literrally...

Big Canon

Looking back at these pics brings back the memories... but its odd how long ago this seems... and it was less than 9 months ago!!  Is that part of getting old?  Or perhaps I need another vacation....  

Friday, August 17, 2007

Rolling Thunder

I was going over some of the pictures that I still had in the "To Do" list.  Lo and behold I ran across some pictures with the family doing a little bowling in California.  I had not seen my brother in a long time.  It was good to see him, and hang out.  ...enjoying a cool beer.  Of course he is my baby brother... and I guess he always will be no matter how much gray hair he grows.

The Brothers 

My parents, Brother, Karen, baby Liliana, and my Clan all had a great time throwing some balls around.  Our kids of course thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread.  Sure maybe the ball didn't always go down the right lane... and sure we may have left a kid or two behind... but at least we had some fun.

 Bowling Gang

Click on either of these pictures or HERE to see a bunch of other pictures from the bowling tournament.  I learned a few important things while we were bowling.... 1.  You should never bowl with the heaviest ball in the place... it will mess up your fingers.  2.  Do not bet your money on any bowlers under the age of 6... you will surely lose.  and most importantly 3.  If you are going to beat your wife,...make sure its only by a small amount!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Closer Reaper

They say that every day that passes, is a day closer to death.  Ok, so I am not sure who said that, but I say it from time to time.  I mention this today because today is my birthday.  I had a lot of calls and emails and attention... (I'm not big on getting attention...but what can you do).  My wife and kids surprised me by going to my office to drop off a little birthday Flan!!  But I surprised them by not being there...  I ran an errand and then had lunch with a couple of friends... so when I got back to my office, Paola and the kids had already headed home...

35th Birthday

But thats ok.... It was the thought that counted... right?    I am so blessed.  Too blessed if you ask me.  (But no one really ever does).  It was a nice packed day at the office... (time flies when you are super busy).  I talked to my boss and he did not mind me heading out early.  I went home and spent time with my family.... played some games.... tickled some kids... I was so tired... what I really wanted to do was take a nap, by my kids knew that it would be better for everyone if I just played with them.  We did a little birthday pizza (my fav) and the Paola busted out a little mini birthday Flan!! 

No Rest

I did try to take a nap here and there, but the kids quickly noticed that I was missing, and came to help me join society again.  I think my girls told me Happy Birthday over 30 times... probably also in case I forgot how old I was getting.   How old am I?  The big 35 today!!  

A very cool birthday over all.  I just hope that I get a little rest this evening... perhaps even some sleep. 

Monday, August 13, 2007

Thinking of Friends

A couple of days ago I got an email from an old friend of ours (Diego).  It brought back some fond memories... so I dug around for some photos.

Dinner Date

While we were out these visiting them, we got a sitter to watch the 50 (or so) kids, and went out on a double date.  They took us to a great little place (that I cant remember the name of).  All I can say is the food and wine(s) were very good.

The Guy

The service was also very good.  This is a picture of "The Guy"....  I remember us all talking and laughting... enjoying the great food... and enjoying each others company. 

Diego and Maria Jose

I remember them especially now that they are all off in Ecuador.  We hope they have a great time... we wish we were there with them!!

Paola and Mr Sunburn

Looking at this picture reminds me of the nice sunburn that I picked up along the way.... Still that did not put a damper on our dinner date.  White or Red.... can't I just get a tan??

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Napa Redux

My wife noticed that some of the pics we took were not in there... and as usual she was correct.  There were more pictures of this part of the trip tucked away in another folder. 

Napa Park Gang

There were some really cool pics that I added to the same Napa gallery.  We got a chance to check out this huge park.... and share a little ice cream!!

Ronnie and Ruthy

And here is nice picture of our friends (and tour guides) Ronnie and Ruthy!!  Thanks for everything guys.  We had a great time.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Napa Valley 2007

It seems like we will never catch up to the amount of pictures we have taken...   There are just way way way too many.  But that does not mean we wont keep trying. 

Napa Valley

While out in California, we got a chance to visit some really good friends of ours in Napa Valley.  Ronnie and Ruthy.  They gave a great tour of the area which included the vineyards!!!  Wine Wine everywhere!


We got a chance to try some of the wines... We say Ruthy and her sister (and family).  We even got a chance to have a little sleep over at their house.  Check out the pics by clicking on the pics above or HERE.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

San Fran Escape

So, some time ago, we had our little escape in California.... well part of that escape was an escape from the escape...????  Well, we were able to leave our kids with some friends and head to the famous "Pier 39"

Pier 39

We rode in with Diego, and then jumped some trains.  Before you knew it... we were walking around in San Francisco!  We had a lot of fun... walked around and saw some sites.  It was all fun and games until I was attacked by a giant finger!!  NO really check out this picture (my evidence)

Giant Finger

I was nearly crushed.... but luckily I escaped into a safety toilet pod like thing.  Yes, thats right.  A Toilet room... (for public use).

Public Bathroom

Those were very interesting indeed.... They even come with a map on the side (that came in handy).  Well we reached the Pier and tried some great food.  And you cant go to San Fran without trying out the great sourdough soup bowls!!

Sourdough Bowl

Paola said it was marvelous... I stuck to the more traditional sourdough sandwiches.... for I fear food change.  We even got to see the world famous Boudin Sourdough bakery.  We had time to do a boat tour... check out the sea lions... see Alcatraz..... the foggy San Fran bridge...

Pier 39

Over all a very great little escape.  Click on any of these pictures.... or HERE to see more of the pictures we took.  There are a lot of cools ones...