Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Closer Reaper

They say that every day that passes, is a day closer to death.  Ok, so I am not sure who said that, but I say it from time to time.  I mention this today because today is my birthday.  I had a lot of calls and emails and attention... (I'm not big on getting attention...but what can you do).  My wife and kids surprised me by going to my office to drop off a little birthday Flan!!  But I surprised them by not being there...  I ran an errand and then had lunch with a couple of friends... so when I got back to my office, Paola and the kids had already headed home...

35th Birthday

But thats ok.... It was the thought that counted... right?    I am so blessed.  Too blessed if you ask me.  (But no one really ever does).  It was a nice packed day at the office... (time flies when you are super busy).  I talked to my boss and he did not mind me heading out early.  I went home and spent time with my family.... played some games.... tickled some kids... I was so tired... what I really wanted to do was take a nap, by my kids knew that it would be better for everyone if I just played with them.  We did a little birthday pizza (my fav) and the Paola busted out a little mini birthday Flan!! 

No Rest

I did try to take a nap here and there, but the kids quickly noticed that I was missing, and came to help me join society again.  I think my girls told me Happy Birthday over 30 times... probably also in case I forgot how old I was getting.   How old am I?  The big 35 today!!  

A very cool birthday over all.  I just hope that I get a little rest this evening... perhaps even some sleep. 


1. Paola said...

I knew you had an errand to run. I just did not know it was going to take so long. But that is ok. The girls wanted to pay you a little suprise/visit and I always support all those loving ideas! I hope the flan/cheescake was good. The girls were very excited about your birthday the only thing they did not like..was the absence of little friends and goody bags : )

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