Monday, August 13, 2007

Thinking of Friends

A couple of days ago I got an email from an old friend of ours (Diego).  It brought back some fond memories... so I dug around for some photos.

Dinner Date

While we were out these visiting them, we got a sitter to watch the 50 (or so) kids, and went out on a double date.  They took us to a great little place (that I cant remember the name of).  All I can say is the food and wine(s) were very good.

The Guy

The service was also very good.  This is a picture of "The Guy"....  I remember us all talking and laughting... enjoying the great food... and enjoying each others company. 

Diego and Maria Jose

I remember them especially now that they are all off in Ecuador.  We hope they have a great time... we wish we were there with them!!

Paola and Mr Sunburn

Looking at this picture reminds me of the nice sunburn that I picked up along the way.... Still that did not put a damper on our dinner date.  White or Red.... can't I just get a tan??


1. Briam said...

I really need to get more sun!

2. Paola said...

Que linda foto de Diego y Ma Jose, que lindo privilegio el haberles conocido. Y verles tan bien, de la mano de Dios. Unos buenos amigos! Espero que la esten gozando mucho en Quito : )

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