Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Of Children Past

My wife had sent me some pics that she liked from our trip to Ecuador (2006/2007).  How did I miss these?  These pics where when we were hanging with the Cousins. 

Game Time

We were there for Maria-Daniella's birthday party..... which of course the kids love any excuse to eat large amounts of sugar coated goodness.

Birthday Party

 Part of the time there we went to "Las Penas".  The whole little area is a climb up the side of this giant mountain (ok maybe it wasn't a mountain).  There are tons of stairs up ward and upward. 


Along the way all the buildings and shops have been painted various colors.  A very colonial type of theme flavored with Pirate/War memorabilia.  Paola told me if I did not behave myself that she would shot me with this Canon... I think that she was kidding...  

The boys

 This was still close to the time they had the "Viejo's"  Here is one from the movie Ice Age.  The kids of course looked at this long climb up the stairs as an adventure... and challenge.... (I saw it as a chance to see how out of shape I was...)


At least during the long hike up there, near the middle, there was a fountain and some vendors selling some cold frosty drinks. 

Shop Shop

I enjoyed the cool drink... while my wife enjoyed the shopping.... The kids on the other hand just enjoyed running circles around us on the way up to the top.

Climb Climb Climb

Although in this picture it looks like the girls are trying to fight for freedom!!  But before you knew it we hit hit the Pirate Museum!

Pirates of Ecuador

 Near the top is where they had the big guns.... literrally...

Big Canon

Looking back at these pics brings back the memories... but its odd how long ago this seems... and it was less than 9 months ago!!  Is that part of getting old?  Or perhaps I need another vacation....  


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