Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gospel Coalition

Three days in Chicago at The Gospel Coalition Conference:

Gospel Coalition 2009

I got a chance to go with Bob, (me), Jeff, and Dwayne.  Lots of great stuff.  Lots to learn... Lots to do!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Of Inventions Past

I think back way back way way back... (if I had a decade for each 'way back' I think I covered them all).   So I think back to a time when I was in school... and I was young (yes, no beard yet).  I recall having show and tell or a little one page report on some person in my life.

Matthew gives Presentation on Thomas Edison

But then I see the project that Matthew had to do and the requirements, and I am impressed.  I am so glad that Paola is home to help guide and encourage our kids during these projects.  Working at them little by little so that it does not overwhelm them near the due dates...  now if only I could get my beautiful wife to help me on my big work projects... 

Friday, April 10, 2009

Kung Fu Cat

This is a picture from when we were at the girls school (Rockdale Baptist Church) for a show that each of the classes was putting on.  After the spectacular performance we were able to go back stage and spend some quality with these super stars.

Princes Sophia Feb 2009 Performance

This reminds of a conversation I had with Sophia a few weeks ago.  I had noticed that she had some scratches on her legs...

[Briam]   "Sophia... how did you get those scratches on your legs?"

[Sophia: Age 3] "I was practicing my kung fu on the cat..."

It would be some time before I stopped laughing enough to ask her to please not practice her Kung Fu on our little old cat...

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Of Tea Parties Past

A couple of months back (yeah yeah, I know I am very late with the pics), the girls got a chance to go to a birthday Tea Party.

Birthday Tea Party

Of course I (and Mathew) was not allowed to attend.  Something about "No Boys Allowed".

Little Tea Party Cakes

From the pictures we were allowed to see it looked like everyone had a great time and the layout was spectacular!   They even had those little cakes with the fancy names.  I wish I would have gotten a chance to taste one.

Birthday Tea Party Girl

Here is the birthday girl (Ellie) and her mom (Marilee)They grow up so fast, but these are the memories that they will remember.  I guess a little part of us will always remember our