Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Of Tea Parties Past

A couple of months back (yeah yeah, I know I am very late with the pics), the girls got a chance to go to a birthday Tea Party.

Birthday Tea Party

Of course I (and Mathew) was not allowed to attend.  Something about "No Boys Allowed".

Little Tea Party Cakes

From the pictures we were allowed to see it looked like everyone had a great time and the layout was spectacular!   They even had those little cakes with the fancy names.  I wish I would have gotten a chance to taste one.

Birthday Tea Party Girl

Here is the birthday girl (Ellie) and her mom (Marilee)They grow up so fast, but these are the memories that they will remember.  I guess a little part of us will always remember our


1. liliana said...

"I love your tea party. I love you."

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