Friday, April 10, 2009

Kung Fu Cat

This is a picture from when we were at the girls school (Rockdale Baptist Church) for a show that each of the classes was putting on.  After the spectacular performance we were able to go back stage and spend some quality with these super stars.

Princes Sophia Feb 2009 Performance

This reminds of a conversation I had with Sophia a few weeks ago.  I had noticed that she had some scratches on her legs...

[Briam]   "Sophia... how did you get those scratches on your legs?"

[Sophia: Age 3] "I was practicing my kung fu on the cat..."

It would be some time before I stopped laughing enough to ask her to please not practice her Kung Fu on our little old cat...


1. Tia Astrid said...

Wow! Logical right?

2. abuela said...

I hope Sara learn something.

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