Sunday, May 22, 2005

Family values…

You remember the old shows that use to teach us family values, like “Leave it to beaver…” or “The Brady bunch”.  Well, each episode had some lesson we were suppose to learn.  Or some family values that we were suppose to agree on.


Yeah…yeah… some of these were really hooky.  But they start taking on some deeper meaning when you grow up … get married… and have kids (not always in that order).


My mom gave me this picture today at church.  It was a picture of my dad and my son planting a baby tree.  My father started this tradition about planting a tree for each of his grandkids.  This one was for my daughter Sophia that was just born 5 weeks ago.  It probably seemed like a great idea early on …  J  but now there are 7 grandkids total and one due in the next few weeks!!  (Congrats Kurt & Karin)


One More Tree!!


I think about what my parents did for us growing up.  They were always taking time to be with us, even when times were rough.  But the times never really seemed rough, since our parents showed us that it was not “stuff” that makes a family happy…. but the “value” our family had.  Value does not just appear because you put a price tag on it… value appears because you spend a lot of love on it…..and time.


My wife and I strive to keep this family tradition going…. Almost seems like a crime not to.  But we already see it working in our Family values.


Take care!


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