Saturday, May 21, 2005

If you can't learn to do something well...

Growing up ... I was always told that if I tried hard enough, I could do anything.  Well, that is a good thing to hear while you are growing up, but is it always true?

There are many things in this life that I KNOW that I am not supposed to do.  For one thing, my wife does the cooking.  I could cook, but it does not come out as nice as my wife's meals.  I could paint, but it even makes me uneasy to see some of my creations.  :-)

So I was flipping through some old favorites in my browser and I came across a site I had not visited in a long time.  A very funny site that has some hilarious posters.  I had not been there for awhile, but saw the poster for Ineptitude:

I love to ski.

You see, I love to ski .... but this picture pretty much shows you my best skill.... eating snow.  But I do not do it to be good... I do it because I enjoy it.

So I guess its not how we do something, but the fact that we do the things we like to do.  What kind of life would it be if we worked at something that we hated, but we were good at?  I thank God that I get to work on stuff I like.

So I guess my parents where right.  I can do anything I like... they never said I would be good at it.   :-)  Enjoy life... its too short to fill it with things we don't like.


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