Monday, May 16, 2005

They are coming for me...

My wife took this lovely picture of Sophia.... right before she was jumped by a band of crazed stuffed animals.  This pack of stuffed animals was most likely made insane, due to the relentless torture and abuse from children who have no regards for their emotional well being.

They are coming for me...

It’s a tragic thing really.  These cuddly toys were once happy and eager to play with new babies.  But this is the third baby… and times have changed.  They most likely are tired of being tossed aside or drooled on when they were only looking for a hug.  But maybe this baby will be different… maybe this will be the baby that appreciates the cute soft toys that will help pass the time….   Only time will tell.  So beware baby.  Be nice to your toys…. or sleep with one eye open.   J


1. Briam said...

RUN!!!! Their coming for you!!!

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