Sunday, May 15, 2005

Chillin... last night... just going in for a quick 15 minute upgrade.   :-)   Its never just a quick 15 minutes is it?

Got home from work this morning around 9 a.m.  And family was leaving for church..... and I was leaving for pillow land.

 Just chillin 

My son kept trying to explain to me that it was no longer time to sleep because the sun was up... and that I needed to get ready for church.... I guess he was right... I was too tired to win the argument... but in the end I was able to just fall asleep since I had forgotten how to work my shoe laces. 

He eventually gave up on me and went to church.... and I slept a long sleep.  The sleep of the dead..... dead tired that is.

Today has been a nice day.... rest is good.


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