Friday, May 13, 2005

No, I want to kiss the baby...

Love Love Love.... love so strong you are willing to smack your brother in order to give one more kiss on the cheek?

No, I want to kiss the baby...

I find it hard to remember when my emotions and actions were so simple.  So simple that it was as basic, as getting what was more important to me... When was the last time we "smacked" something in our way to get that kiss on the cheek from someone we love?  ...maybe that is too intangible.  When was the last time we turned down doing something at work (that could wait) to go home and spend a little more quality time with our spouse and kids?  ....when did we stop working to support our life with our family, and start spending less time at home so we could get our work done?

....It is important to get these reminders.... not because this is some amazingly incredible new information... but because we are only human and tend to forget.  We don't live to work.... we work to live... with the ones we love.

Go hug a loved one!


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