Monday, May 09, 2005

A day of rest? Of course not.

I thought I would get a little rest on Mothers day (Sunday)... but my wife invited a few thousand of our closest friends over after Church service to help her keep me awake.   J  She succeeded.


My kids did not do too bad, they were able to destroy several rooms.... while eating every item in the house that contained even the slightest trace of sugar.  Here is a picture of what used to be the kids toy room.


Tazmanian Devil


If the kids look a little blurry.... yeah ... thats becuase they would not stop moving.  There are a bunch of pictures from Mother's Day in the Gallery.  ... I have to do some late night work... so maybe I will be allowed to get a little rest tomorrow.


Peace out!


1. Diego y Maria Jose said...

Estan super cheveres las fotos de los bebes jugando y divirtiendose mucho. Gracias por la invitacion para celebrar a las bien merecidas mamacitas. Un beso a las 3 reinas de la Casa Fachisters.

2. Briam said...

Muchas Gracias... nosotros tambien pasamos muy chevere. Un abrazo.

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