Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Experiment #532 SUCCESS

Experiment:  #532
Subject:  "Princess Megan”
Date Executed:  Sunday May 1, 2005

For some time, we have been working on a way to incapacitate subject "Princess Megan.”  All of my prior attempts have been a failure.  Original experiments were based on attempts to incapacitate subject “Matthew Monster”.  And all attempts with that subject were futile.

Since subject Megan was much younger and smaller than subject Matthew, my thoughts were that we would be more quickly able to discover some weakness.  Until now it has been a struggle to get these two specimens to behave and go to sleep on time.

But at long last after months of experimenting, eureka!  With the proper dosage of food and distraction we were able to achieve a decisive victory.  It did require some assistants from other subjects with similar age.  And a lot of running around and playing, but it was well worth it.

Here is the subject (and mom) at our friend's house obviously having a good time.  Unaware that she was being monitored the entire time.


After much play time and a healthy serving of good home cooking (thanks to our friends) the subject started to slow down.  One car trip later, the subject was out.

She's Out

We may not be able to achieve these goals every day, but it is encouraging to know that it is possible.  Once we have perfected our method, we will move on to subject “Baby Sophia” in the hopes that we will be able to curb this energetic destructive behavior before it is too late.

Baby Sophia

Keep us in your prayers.


1. Paola said...

He is just kidding. The kids do go to sleep on time almost always otherwise we would be dead by now : )

2. Hypatia said...

My husband and I are LOL at this blog entry! I'm glad your experiment has been a success!

3. Briam said...

Thank you.... Sometimes it feels like they are experimenting on us! :-)

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