Sunday, May 01, 2005

Free at last... free at last

Ah... the time has come.  This morning it was time to let the butterflies go free.  Four of the five made it through the trials.  Not many species can survive that amount of time with Matthew and Megan and come out unscathed.  But only one died from exhaustion, or maybe just chose an eternal path of rest.

At first my son tried to convince me that they should stay and live in our house.  But I told him our cat would most likely eat them (or the ceiling fans).

Fly away...

It took awhile for them to fly off… as if not sure that they wanted to move on.  Free food and board with no natural predators waiting to snack on you…. But then again… it was probably only a matter of time before my kids would want to see what made them tick (or add their wings to the action figures to see if they could fly).

Fly away...

All in all the kids loved the whole process. InsectLore Thanks again Aunt Ivana, Uncle Tommy, and Cousin Nicky!


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