Saturday, April 30, 2005

Sometimes the princess does not get saved.

So my son built an elaborate castle/tower where the princess was trapped.  No way to get out on her own.  There was no wooden hero to save her... but it was between a wooden horse or a wooden dog to save the day.

Of course the dog and the horse had to have a contest to see who would get to save the princess.  I was the horse… and my son was the dog.  Guess who won the contests?  The Dog

Goodbye princess


So then it was time for the dog to save the princess (yellow wooden thingy with pointy princess hat) and he charges up the ramp.  OH NO.  The dog set off a trap and the blocks came tumbling down and killed the princess.

I was in shock.  I had already suspected that the hero would be saving the princess…. Where did my son learn this twist of fate?  He seemed not the least bit concerned… and moved on to another story.  I on the other hand will need some time to adjust to this realization that even to my three year old son, the good guy doesn't always win…. and live happily ever after.  Maybe too much tv?



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