Tuesday, April 26, 2005

It's Alive... It's Alive!!

So here is a cool one.  My sister (and family) bought Matthew a very neat present for his birthday.   ... BUGS.... well, not just any bugs.  She bought him some caterpillars from InsectLore 


Very cool concept.  They send you the caterpillars (qty 5) and you take care of them for a few days.  You have to keep your kids from shaking them to death.... or feeding them to the cat.

The kids love it!!  They watch the caterpillars eat and grow until its time to move them to the butterfly garden (not the kids... the buterflies)

But what will they eat?


Foor fit for a king!

Ah yes... a meal fit for a king (a king butterfly).  Some flowers and orange slices with suger water droplets.

Then comes the hard part.... hard, not only for the kids.... but also for the dad.   We wait.

...and we wait.

...and wait.... and wait.  It takes a few days for all of the butterflies to emerge, but it is well worth it. 

Thanks Aunt Ivana, Uncle Tommy, & Nicky!!  Its the bomb-diggidy

Yeah Baby!!


1. Hypatia said...

I like your blog and have added it to my list. Congratulations to you and your wife on the newest addition to your family! Sophia
is a very pretty name.

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