Tuesday, April 26, 2005

New shiny toy!!

It never fails, we think as parents, we know what kids want.  But usually we are only fooling ourselves.  When they are infants, we buy them presents, as if they cared what they got.  Most of the time they are just as happy to play with a bow and wrapping paper than they are with the toy inside.

Well they start growing up, and you think they will start liking the toys that have more features.  Why not?  We like the toys that have more features.... like a new car with tons of buttons... or a stereo with all the options.... or a High Def  200 inch Television!! ...  (you get the idea)

My son just turned three... and is starting to play with more complicated toys....  But I guess every now and then you have to take it old school..... and just have fun for the sake of having fun. 

New Expensive Toy

It makes me stop and think (and remember).  I am a very blessed person ... I love my family, ...and we have soo much fun together.  I guess that all of the other "stuff" is just icing on the cake.

It could be worse....


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