Thursday, April 21, 2005

Almost Asleep

I am starting to get that feeling of "Always Tired."  Most likely due to baby feedings every couple of hours, playing with the kids all the time, and squezzing in some work work from time to time.  (Maybe also throw in there horrible eating habits and no excersice since Christmas) 

My wife says not to worry.... I will get more rest in a few ... years.  Maybe when they are all off to college or married.

So the baby has been doing well.  Every couple of hours cry cry cry .... eat eat eat..... POOOP.  So finaly a feeding had ended, and Sophia had been a bit fussy all day .... but finaly she started to dose off.  My wife was eager to get a nap in since she has been getting less sleep than normal.

So we put Sophia in the little bouncer chair.... and she was finaly asleep when our other little angel (Megan) decided to come over and check out her new sister.

I think I made her cry... question is .... why didn't the person with the camera stop her!!!  Oh well.... at least we got this cute picture out of it.

I hope they sleep well tonight.... for all our sakes.



1. Laura said...

Congratu;ations on Sophia! What a beautiful name. Now don't sleep through your swearing in or it will be another 10 years!

2. "> said...


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