Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Proud To Almost Be An American

BAMB!!!  Over 10 years of waiting to become an American citizen, and when I had almost given up, I recieve a letter in the mail telling me its time to swear in. 

I have been raised here.  I went to most of my schooling here.  I went to college here.  I have worked here for over 10 years....  I feel like a U.S. citizen... and soon I will also have a little piece of paper saying I am a U.S. citizen!!

:-)  I guess life is funny that way.  So, do good things come to those who wait?  If so, when do you know if you have waited too long, and the good things have passed you by?

Peace out!

U.S. Flag


1. Tommy said...

I have contacted INS and your citizenship is now under review. The only way to ensure that it will granted is to send me a $100 money order.

Seriously, Briam, congratulations! That's great news!

2. Briam said...

WOW... my first comment on one of my blogs ... and I am already recieving threats!!! :-) Thanks Tommy

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