Monday, April 18, 2005

Home Sweet Home!!

A few days of vaction from the kids was nice... although it was me and my wife at the hospital waiting for our third kid to be born.

We did start to miss the kids... and it was nice when they came to visit.

But now we are at home..... and the kids just think that Sophia is just a new toy.  Well our first night at home with the new one... and its that old familar schedule of sleep, eat, poop...... oh yeah... and the baby wants attention too...  :-P


1. Ms.+Latina said...

This is such a beautiful pic! You and your wife have been blessed many times over =) Was lookin for your About Me page but can't find it so I figured let me go to when you started blogging and found these beautiful pics of when your children were younger! Amazing to think he just did a research project for school with your wife...time flys!

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