Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The View at the Lake

A couple of weekends ago we got a chance to help out at Lakeview for an evangelistic event.  It was a great event.  The whole family was able to go out and work with a bunch of the regular Lakeview volunteers.  Pastor Luis was preaching that day that lead to a few decisions.  The church had worked together to also set up some games and messages for the kids.  As part of this event, a few of the kids from Rockdale Baptist brought some great songs.

Lakeview Songs

The kids got a chance to play some games and sing some songs.  The songs and games all had a great message that pointed to Christ and Salvation!

Lakeview Kids Singing

Lakeview Games

Overall a great activity for everyone:  Visitors and Volunteers alike.

Lakeview Activity

And in the end, sharing the love of Christ is what we are called to do.  So if even one person is touched by what we share, then it is all worth it for God's glory.

Lakeview Kid having fun


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