Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Am I a Muppet of a Man

In days long gone, (in a galaxy far far away),... I remember a time when the muppets ruled the world.  Well at least they ruled the living room every time the show was on the air.  The Muppet show...never did I think that they would seep in to the lives of my kids.  I thought their days may be slipping past...  Even my most favorite of muppets:  Beaker....

Beaker and Profesor HoneyDew

So when the latest Muppet movie came out... I did have some doubts if it would live up to the tradition of the original show.  My son actually wanted to go see it so we made a night of it.  And low and behold, there was a little sitting area where Matthew would rest just in time to capture this picture for posterity.

Matthew and Muppets

And the legend lives on.  Matthew loved it ... and wants the movie when it comes out.  cool


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