Saturday, March 03, 2012

When the grass was green.

The other day we were in the front... throwing and attempting to catch the old Spiderman Nerf football.  Matthew was trying to teach me the proper technique to no avail.  When I noticed the grass... it really was not-green.   It was dry and stiff.  Running around barefoot was not as nice at it used to be.

Spiderman Nerf Ball

I know that it is supposed to be something like winter... although this year it really has been a lot not-winter-like.  But I saw this picture from last year.  It was a warmer time.  The kids were a little younger and they had some friends over.  But the grass... man it was greener.  No chemicals or service or anything.. It was by no means a great lawn.  But it was soft to the feet... and it made the memories sweet.

Kids and Friends [2011]


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