Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cows and Hearts

A couple of weeks ago we went to the annual Chick-Fil-A Father/Daughter date night.  This was the second year that we have been able to go and we had a blast!!  Normally I am very suspicious of those Cows.  They always seem to be plotting and planning something.  But I have to say that this time they seem to have gotten right on the mark.

 Sophia Flower

There is something about that time with the girls where they can be the center of the world.  Where they can dress up... and its all about them.

Megan Flower

The place was well prepared. Table cloths... flowers... balloons.   The works.  They even came to our table and took our orders.  But I really think that their favorite part was when we shared multiple desserts.

Father Daughter Date Night

In the end it was not about the food...or the flowers... or even the awesome milkshakes.  My hope is that the girls remember how they are to be treated when they grow up (much much much later).  


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