Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tijuana 2011

This year has been a crazy year for missions.   With the economy being what it was, we were not sure if this mission trip was going to be able to happen.  But God was good ... but isnt he always?  For some time, Paola and I have been talking and praying abut taking our kids with us on a mission trip... and this was the trip.

RBC Family Mission Trip

Each mission trip tends to be so very different, and this one was no exception.  Tijuana is a place of very high poverty, and there are so many things that we get to assist in.  When we go, we get to do some construction and VBS.  Also we get a chance to go out and give food and water to the needy families.  At first we were wondering what our kids would or would not be able to help with... but in the end, they wanted to help in everything we did.

Kids Tijuana 2011

They were awesome.  They quickly made friends with the kids there and helped in every activity.  They helped prepare the crafts in VBS and also assisted with the snacks and sports and games and drawings and handing out water and handing out food and even the construction.....  (you get the idea)

Playas near Tijuana Mexico

Although we were able to help with a lot of different things, it was us that received so much more.  God showed us about so many families who have JOY in their lives without all the "stuff" that we think is so important.  God reminded us the importance of investing in relationships more and less on TV and video games.

Fly away...

It was such a blessing to go and share the Love of Christ with others... but it was also a blessing to receive the Love of Christ that they shared with us.  Our kids noticed it, and have brought it up several times.  I pray they never forget.   [Click HERE or on any of the pictures for more pics]


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