Tuesday, August 09, 2011

A Stroll in the Park

As I was looking back at the backlog of pictures I have not had time to post about, I came across these photos.  While the kids and Paola where in Ecuador, I did get a chance to do some bike riding in Arabia mountain.  And a couple of my rides actually took me to Panola park and back.  There were some really nice places to ride through...

Arabia Mountain

I had actually gotten to this bridge with the kids at some point in the past.  They did complain about how long it took to get up that hill... but they did love riding back down that hill.

Arabia Mnt 2

There are some cool bridges and crosswalks on the path.  But I do recall that in this summer heat, I contemplated jumping off the bridge in to the creek below. 

Arabia Rabbit

 There were TONS of rabbits.  Well not actually a measurable ton, but rabbits seemed to be everywhere.  Every time I saw one I thought about how Sophia would love to see them.

Arabia Jail

And then there was this wall.  I am not sure what this place used to be... perhaps some storage while they mined the rocks.  Who knows.  But it reminds me of Matthew.  He swore this was a prison from a long time ago.  I think I have a picture somewhere with him behind the bars.


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