Monday, April 25, 2011

Cuba 2011 : Majagua

This past Saturday, our team from Rockdale Baptist got back from our mission trip to Cuba.  Mark, Scott, Time, Joel, and myself spent the week in Ciego de Avila and Majagua.  We spent a lot of time Preaching, Teaching, and Evangelizing...  It would seem that we went there to give blessings, but we always return feeling like we have received even more!

 Cuba Conference 2011 Majagua

We partnered with LifeWay, who provided training materials, and were able to share this with 75 pastors and church leaders at the conference.  There was one teacher at a time, and while the team members where not teaching their courses, we were out spreading thew Good News about Jesus Christ.  We visited more than 72 people and had 50 professions of faith!  There were also 10 people who wanted to recommit their lives.  The conference was only for 3 1/2 days...  We preached at several of their churches [6 sermons].  A seven hour bus trip there, and a seven hour bus trip back from Havana.  Four flights ...  ATL - MIA - Havana.

The Lord was good to us...  all of us.  We are thankful that He allowed us to participate in what He was doing.


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