Sunday, June 13, 2010

Prima and Ice Cream

Last month we had a little visit from Aunt (Tia) Karin and Cousin (Prima) Liliana.  It was great seeing them again.  Where does the time fly,   The kids picked up like they had just seen each other a few days ago... wile the parents stood back and wondered where they got all the energy.  Below is Sophia and Liliana with the rock star sunglasses...  who do they get their fashion sense from?

Liliana and Sophia

And of course... while I was hard at work, the kids got a chance to go out and enjoy a little ice cream on such a hot summers day...  I wish they would have saved me a cone... even all melted, it would have been delicious.

Kids Pirma and Ice Cream

We are so glad they could spend some time with us... We hope to see them again soon..  [We love you guys!!]


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