Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Ordination : Pastor Briam

One month ago (April 11, 2010), I was ordained in to the ministry at Rockdale Baptist Church.  There were so many people there that I was very surprised (I did not think that I knew that many people).  It was a very special day for us, and it was even more special with so many people that have played such an important part of our lives could join us.

Ordination Prayer with Eddie and Matthew

I thought this was a great picture...The ordained men were ask to pray over me (Here is my good friend Eddie). I had not noticed that Matthew had also done some praying.

Of course there are tons of pictures that I have not yet gone through... but here is a really nice one of the family.

Ordination with Family 

And of course the pictures would not be complete if there wasn't a crazy picture of us. (I am sure Paola will love this one)

Ordination with Crazy Family


1. Marilyn Ferrell said...

It was so exciting seeing you get ordained! Congratulationssss!

2. Dennis Conroy said...

Congratulations!! I wasn't aware that you were seeking ordination.

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