Thursday, December 31, 2009

Doggy Days

The cold weather reminds me of warmer days (odd isn't it?)  I found some pics on my blackberry from when we were last at a nearby park (Johnson Park) and got a chance to take our dog (Little Mac) out for some fun.  A good friend, Tracy, came with his two dogs.  One of them we call Big Mac (Ha... I crack myself up).

Dog Days

It's funny how dogs are like little kids...  they want to run and play and before you know it all your time has disappeared.

Megan and Little Mac

The kids had a great time... the dogs had a great time... and the adults?  Well they seem to have a good time watching the others have a good time.  How our perception of time changes as we get older.  Those wondrous memories... how quickly they pass.  Hold On To Them!!


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