Monday, November 30, 2009

Matthew's Creation

Have you ever noticed how easy these things come to this next generation?  How easily they are able to pick up on how technology works... and use it as if it is second nature?

Matthew buling out a computer.

Here is a picture of Matthew building out a system.  This is not the first one that he has built out, but it is the first one that he has built out from scratch by himself.  I have been there to guide him on previous hardware changes... but on this one, he only needed me to get the empty case out of the box.  Wow... age 7, and already building out a computer...  I did not get my first computer until I was a teenager (let alone build one out).

Matthew installs Windows 7

But he did not stop there.  Afterward, he installed Windows 7 on this system and a bunch of other stuff.  Oddly enough, he now has Windows Seven on his home machine before I have it on my home machine.  Matthew is also hard at work studying for the A+ Certification that he wants to get before the end of the year.  Not sure if there will be enough time... but we will see.


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