Friday, July 17, 2009

Suegra Birthday!

My favorite Suegra just had a birthday last week [July 8th]!  [Suegra = Mother in Law]

Suegra Isabel's Birthday

Here is Suegra Isabel with some birthday cake on her nose.  Here with Maria Daniela and Maria Paula (Two of her granddaughters).  Isabel is such a wise and wonderful women, we are so glad that God keeps blessing her and others through her.  Happy Birthday Suegra!


1. Rajeev said...

At first i came into this site looking for some Diary Farm Project. I saw a pic of a (draw cow) with a couple of kids. Well to be sincere i am married since the past 5 years now and dont have kids. This one took me for a long ride into what looked like a good mothers diary... This is TREMENDOUS. I really seem to understand all the happiness you go through wiht your lovely family. God bless you. I wouldnt say that i will come back again to check on the blog, but i will surely come back here when i am really put down as this is a great place to be!!!

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