Saturday, January 24, 2009

Its Daddy Donut Day again!

Almost a national holiday, Daddy Donut Day was upon us.  Before the holiday I got a chance to go spend some time with my son Matthew at his school.  There was enough sweet donuts to put me in to anaphylactic shock!

Daddy Donut Day

Here we have Matthew enjoying a nice healthy donut.  It was a good turn out, and it was interesting to see the kids in their natural habitat... roaming almost freely. 

Matthew's Class

Matthew gave me a little tour of some of his popular hang out spots around the school.  He seemed to know everyone at the whole school.  All the teachers knew him by name... and so many kids.  I know I was never that popular at school.  I got a chance to take a picture of Matthew and his class mates.  It seems like a very good bunch.


1. Tammy+&+David said...

That looks like a really fun holiday! Do they have a Mommy donut Day?? Matthew is getting so big! You really notice in the picture with his classmates. He looks so much older and mature. Gosh time flies by fast!

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