Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Family Saturday

Where does the time go?  They seem to be growing up so quickly.  It seems like just a few days ago we were changing dozens of diapers per day...    Well I guess its not all bad that they grow up.

Sophia Reading

Even from their early days, their personalities seem so different.  They all come with their own idiosyncrasies, quirks, moods, and even hair styles.  Although I am starting to thinking that the last item may not be as important.

Megan Mittens

I guess what is really important is mitten selection.  That and "TIME".  No, not the magazine.  "Briam, of course time is important?"  Yeah, we all KNOW that time is important, but its much harder to do it than to say it.

Girls are Ready

The work week does get hectic, and time seems a bit limited, but on the weekend, we tend to have more opportunities to do things as a family.

Dad and Kids

Here is a picture of us all all ready to go out for a rare treat at McDonald's (breakfast).  I am normally in charge of breakfast on Saturdays, and I was feeling especially lazy.  Where is Paola?  (She is taking the pictures...)

Megan Yummy!

Megan seems to be the one that really tends to love the eating out for the food, where as Matthew and Sophia I think just like the concept of being out and about.

Kids at McDonalds

As long as they don't go berserk and drive us crazy, its usually a great time out.  Talking about deep world shattering issues like their politics, global warming, and finger painting:  Its never a dull moment.

Briam in Prison

Can you spot the trapped parent in the picture above?  I am just glad we did not have to call the fire department to get me out of there.  How truly blessed we are... and how sad it is when we don't keep that in mind, because then we are really missing out.  Yeah, it is about 'time'.  And its not easy... but it is worth it. 


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