Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Reading Time

The fever for the flavor of a pringle... minus the crunchy chips, I guess.  Well thats what story time is like around the house.  The kids have a love of story time.  I know that Paola gets more chances to read them the story... but more and more it is the kids who get to read the stories to us.

Reading Time Sophia

Well, perhaps when they read the stories, perhaps they dont get all the words right... (or even perhaps any of the words), but the stories are very interesting.  These pictures all come from the kids personal bible story time.

Reading Time Matthew

Here we have Matthew reading a little deeper.  But you cant really dig deep without a nice hot cup of coffee... (or maybe that was Paola's).

Reading Time Megan

Sometimes the story time leads to some interesting questions.  Sometimes quiet bible time is not so quiet.  But I guess its good that we are working with these habits at a young age.  Now if only we could get them to clean their rooms... 


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