Monday, October 20, 2008

All about Matthew

Last month there was a big project that Matthew had to do for his school.  It was called "All About Me"  They had a few months to work on it, so it was a pretty big project for them.

All About Me : Matthew

Matthew did great on his project!!  It looked great.  And all the information on it had to be hand written.  We were so proud of his hard work.  Matthew was able to put together tons of information on all the different parts of the project.  But the biggest part (which I wish I could have seen) was the presentation of this information to the whole class.

Matthew's Presentation

He had practiced over and over until he knew all the information by heart.  Matthew really does have a good memory... and with a splash of charm and pleasant smile, he delivered his presentation.  He did so well that they even choose his presentation out of the whole class to display in the library.  And check out that cool pointer that he used during the presentation.... I wonder if he will let me borrow it.


1. abuelos said...

we are very proud of you. You did a lot of work, and you went alone to the front of the class.!
We love you very much, abuelos

2. Tammy said...

He is getting so big! Cool project Matthew!

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