Wednesday, July 30, 2008

School Yet?

It seems as if the days of summer are slipping away and school is on the horizon.  Its not just the tax free shopping day that reminds me either...  Ok, well maybe it is.  That and Paola running around buying school supplies was a big clue...

Mrs. Gamble and Kids

Here is a pic of the kids at a school function with Matthew kindergarten teacher:  Ms Gamble.  She is AWESOME!!  Constantly challenging Matthew.  Which is not easy by any means.  Of course the new year will bring on a new teacher.

The Girls

The girls will also still be at the same pre-school (Rockdale Baptist Church).  They also love their classes and teachers.  Not sure what changes this year will have for them.

Smile Megan

They are growing up way to quickly.  So much so that sometimes it is hard to remember their ages... or maybe I am just getting old and forgetful.  What?  ...who said that?  


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