Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dead Fish Dont Tell Tails

There once was a little girl name Sophia.  She was a cute little three year kid with a great love for animals.  She was constantly asking if she could have different pets... from lions and wolves to turtles and rabbits.  From dogs and cats to horses and whales...  And like all smart parents who wish to avoid picking up poop after lions and horses, we told her that she could save up for a fish.

Sophia's Fish

But not just a fish.  She would have to save up her allowance for the tank and food and possibly one little fish.  With the modest allowance that she received, we figured that would buy us enough time for her to lose interest in starting up her Noah's Ark.  But we had overlooked one thing.  For her 3rd birthday she had received some cash!!  Oh well.  At least with a stern father to take her shopping we would be able to control this situaion... Unfortunatly I was not as stern as I could have been, and we ended up buying more fish than we have space for....

Matthew and The Fish

So the aquarium started out with around 9 or 10 fish... We quickly realized they would not all survive in the little 1 Gallon tank.  We ended up donating a few... and a couple died.  We were not sure if it was the overpopulation situation or over feeding.. or what.  I think one of the fish had a drinking problem... anyways.  The end result is one fish in one little tank.  Sophia named this one "Goldie" ...and then renamed him later "Swimmy" ... I think there was yet a third name, but I don't recall what that was.


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