Monday, April 28, 2008

Grow Kids Grow

The weather is getting nice.  We are even getting some rain here and there to help fight the drought that we find ourselves in.

School Visit

Here is Megan and I last month when it was a bit cooler, but that doesn't seem to stop the kids from getting out and playing.

Learning to Bike

Here is Matthew a few weeks ago when after some practice, started riding his bike without the training wheels.  He loves it, even if there is the occasional fall from time to time.  He looks a bit big on the bike, we may need to get him a bigger bike soon.

Go Sophia Go!

Here is Sophia on her old bike.  She did indeed get a larger tricycle for her birthday a few weeks ago... (I will have to get to the B-Day pics soon)

Churchy Time

And here is the clan.  Dressed and ready for a day of worship.  The kids were a bit reluctant to pose for the picture.  They were ready to go play in their classes.

My Girls

But a little bribery (or threat) helps to get some smiles in the picture.  My Girls!


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