Thursday, March 27, 2008

Three Little Pigs

Once upon a time, there were three little pigs.  These were not ordinary pigs, these were money savvy pigs with a lesson to teach.  Each little pig comes with four sections.  One section for saving, one for spending, one for donations, and one for investing (Tithe).

Sophia's Pig

The first little pig is red and belonged to Sophia.  Sophia's dreams for his spending money is pretty much anything that is a high concentration of sugar covered in something sweet.

Megan's Pig

The second little pig is pink and belongs to Megan.  Her spending plan also includes candy of some sort, but she also has some higher goals and dreams that include some princess coloring books.

Matthew's Pig

And last but not least we have the blue little pig.  This little pig belongs to Matthew.  His spending goals point to a new video game for his Nintendo DS.  Or possible another Wii game... who knows what the future will hold for these kids.  These cool little pigs are helping us to teach some important money lessons to our kids.  Not only about savings and donation to the needy.  But also about how investing in God's kingdom is #1 priority.  We give that part first from our allowances.  A lot of good learning opportunity and the kids seem to really be enjoying it.  Hope these good lessons and habits stick.


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