Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Georgia Snow

Oh rare indeed.  Rare that moisture of any kind would fall from the sky in a frozen state.  Probably so infrequent that the little ones don't remember what snow looks (or taste like).  So everyone puts on the gear....

Snow Gang

All bundled up, they poke it... they catch it... Maybe not enough to make any good size snowball... but they still try to throw it (at me..)

What is she planning?

Click on either of the pictures or HERE to see more pictures.  I did pull this picture of Megan out the bunch.  Look at that grin.  I wonder what that could mean.  This was before we ran outside to play in the snow.  Maybe she is thinking "OH I am going to get Matthew good with a giant snowball!!"  .... the world may never know.


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