Wednesday, March 05, 2008

All about the Kids

I was trying to catch up on some pictures from January, and I noticed a couple of cute one's from when Paola's parents were in town.

Grandpa Humberto reads the kids a story.

Here we have Abuelo Humberto reading the girls a Dora story.  I have seen that show so often, the theme song haunts my dreams.

Matthew reads to Grandma Isabel

Here we have Matthew reading Abuela Isabel one of his favorite "Cat in the Hat" books.  He really does not like green eggs and ham.

Sophia rides horsey

And here is Sophia showing off her control on the horsey ride.  When it's her turn I don't mind so much, specially since she is still so light... but when Matthew and Megan have their turns, they really twist me up.


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