Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Crazy Mall People

Ok, I promise this is the last of the Christmas pics... I know we are in February now, but I could not help but put one more pic here (and add some more to the previous Gallery). 

Christmas With Family

In this picture, we just happened to be in the Mall...and walking past the big tree in the center.... then the oddest thing happened.  We became 'those' people.... the picture takers.  Almost as if we were tourist or something.  There was a picture or two... then one more.. then the parents... then just the kids... on and on...   How could this have happened to us?  Now we are just crazy mall picture people.  I wonder if there is a therapy group for us?  


1. Paola said...

I love Christmas, I think is my favorite Holiday. It is all about Jesus, family, friends and loved ones. Awesome spirit everywhere and great food. Love every where you go. What else you can ask for? : )

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