Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Nativity Me!

I finally got the time machine built... and we were able to travel back from when Christ was born.  We had a really nice trip, and  I took a lot of pictures.... but on a sad note.... I had no film in the camera.  So all we have are some pictures or a re-dramatization.

Ok, so maybe no time machine.  But we did have a nice time at our girls School/Church.  They had a nice Christmas day event, with tons of arts and crafts for the kids.

Make a Mess

As you can tell, this is the "Make the gooiest, stickiest, Christmas craft that you can" contest... and I am pretty sure that Sophia came in first... and Megan in second...  (I'm still cleaning up their Christmas goo...)


Here is the kids, sneaking in to be part of history.  The Nativity had it all.... real baby... real animals... real animal smell...    We had a great time... and got a chance to share with the kids, the real reason for the season!    Click on the pics or HERE to see more pics from that day.


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