Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Gatherings

The pics are rolling in, and I am doing my usual job of procrastinating until there are too many pictures to choose from and then can focus on procrastinating a little more...    Oh well, here goes an attempt to go through some of the pictures at least.  We did get a nice surprise with Christmas this year, as all my sisters and brother came in to town (my parents house) for some Pre-Christmas gathering festivities!  We did not get to see Uncle (Tio) Damian or Aunt (Tia) Karen last Christmas since we were in Ecuador.

Tio Damian

Here we have my baby brother (Tio Damian) corrupting my little angels.  Trying to teach them all the things they can do to torture me during the holidays.

Tia Karen

And here we have Tia Karen trying to correct the chaos that my brother causes.  We all had a great time, and ate too much.  It was nice seeing everyone again.... we don't do it enough, so we have to capture these moments.  And thats where the pics come in.  Click on the pictures, or HERE to go to the first of the Christmas Galleries...


1. Paola said...

We have an awesome family. We are so blessed. We were at my inlaws for this pre Christmas gathering and it was so nice to get together with everybody at the same time! I love Christmas, our family and my inlaws. They love me as a daugther and I love them as my parents. What a blessing!

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