Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Three Little Pigs

The season is upon us, the Christmas food is hitting hard.  And nothing says Christmas time like a little poem.... about the three little pigs.   Well, this was a few weeks ago (the poem), and of course here is Princess Megan during one of the family Christmas events...  Megan started singing and rhyming, and Paola heard her and wrote it down... very cute... but then she, of course, she got board with this game... and Paola had to 'help' her finish the last part...

Megan the Poet

Three little piggies and one strong wolf
One picked straw and one picked wood
The older piggy got lots of bricks
And made his house not too quick
The strong wolf said he is going to blow
Let me in or I will blow blow blow
The straw house fell, the wood house fell
The piggies got scared and run away
The wolf was hungry and chased them around
But the brick house never fell down
He got mad and got in the house
Just to find his tail was burned
He ran away, and never came back
The three little piggies were happy and clapped
No bad wolf would be chasing them
He was gone and they could play...

Yesterday, I was playing a little game with Megan and Matthew, and we were about to start. Here is the conversation that took place:

Megan:     "Girls go first!"
Matthew:  "Thats not fair!"
Dad:         "Matthew, be nice and let your sister go first..."
Megan:     "Thats right Matthew, girls should always go first...."
Matthew:  "Oh man!..."
Megan:     "...and when there is no girl... you should pretend that there is one, and let her go first."


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