Friday, November 16, 2007

Pirates of the Playground

Well, some time back I was able to grab the kids and head to a near by park... (before it got chilly).  The goal was to give Paola a break since she had some stuff to work on.  So we headed over to the pirate play set park thingy (official trademark name).

Pirate Matthew

Here we have pirate Matthew steering the boat.  He is the commander of the pirate ship "Candy Hawk".  A ship that strikes fear in to all who encounter it.

Treasure and Map

Here we have Captain Peg Leg Matthew and his crew with some treasure chest (that they still cant open) and also a coveted 'Treasure' map that will lead them to some more treasure that should set them up for life...

Walk the plank

But all is not fun in games on this ship.  Those that appose the iron rule of Pirate Matthew are forced to walk the plank!!!  ....


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