Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hallow Feast

I did find some more pics from our Halloween/Festival day ... its an odd thing really.  Paola and I growing up never really got into halloween.... we don't picket its existence... or avoid it.... we just never really got into it.

Festival Games

So we were trying to let the kids figure out what they liked and did not like.  Since all the kids they know at school were dressing up, they did want to do that...

Festival Slide

...and who doesn't want to eat tons and tons of junk food.  I even helped them with that part of it.

Festival Jump

Now when it came down to it, the kids did do a little 'door to door' trick or treating.  But only a few doors into it, they were ready to go home.  The big hit this year was the festival we went to (downtown Conyers).  There they got the best of all worlds.  Tons of kids to play with.... lines to games and slides... tons of candy...  Perhaps as they get a little older they will want more of the challenge of door to door treats.


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