Monday, November 05, 2007

Southern Belle Farm

It took us a while to get organized, but we finally got a chance to visit a farm this past weekend.  Not only that but we were able to con convince a friend of our ours (Casey) and his daughter Cala to come with us!!

Southern Belle Farm

We have seen a couple of other farms over the year, and this was one of the coolest we had been to.  They had tons of stuff to do... and we all had a great time.  The kids even to to ride on the Cow Train...

Cow Train

They had a bunch of different farm animals to look at (and pet... and smell).  They even had pig races!!  Matthew and Megan did participate in a couple of the races (as managers... not in the race).  But it does not seem like the pig racing force runs strong in this family.  They did have one neat area where you could fire a pumpkin or corn gun.  This thing was a monster with some kick, and that corn FLEW!!!

Corn Gun

We even had a nice little picnic that Paola had made for us.... it was a very nice day.  One of the last things we got a chance to do was to enter THE CORN MAZE!!  There were three levels of difficulty... and we only hit the 'Beginner' one ..... for the kids of course.   We roamed around for hours... (ok maybe it was only a few minutes).  Check out this pic, the kids seem to know where we should be going....

Lost In Corn

Good thing we hit level one... because I have a feeling level two or three would have eaten us up alive.  ....The kids loved it... and once we escaped the clutches of the corn, there was freedom (and much rejoicing)

Freedom From Corn Maze

We all did have a great time.  The kids love it, and no one was lost, killed, or maimed.  


1. Paola said...

This was a lot of fun. The farm was clean and they had serveral things to do. Something else important especially for those with several kids. Children 4 and under are free!!! That is a good thing. : ) Older children are $8 and adults $10 ( and the corn maze is included, other farms have an extra fee. They also had snacks for sale a very reasonable price. Hope you can visit it was super 6fun!

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